Meet the Team

Updated December 7, 2022

Lizzy Connolly

Title: Senior Content Marketing Manager

Hometown: Oakdale, Minn.

Years in the industry/at Sovos ShipCompliant: Just over two years at Sovos.

What impact do you make in your role?: I help tell stories. I love figuring out the best way and the best format to tell a story. Sometimes it’s interviewing a Sovos ShipCompliant expert for background information to write a blog, other times it’s compiling data to help craft an infographic, or it could involve sifting through existing pieces of content to figure out what should come next. I love taking complex information and making it digestible and enjoyable for the reader. 

Describe your ideal setting for enjoying your favorite beverage (and what might that beverage be?): Sitting outside, under some shade, with a few close friends. New England can have some really beautiful fall days, before it’s actually chilly and when you can still get a bit warm directly in the sun. I love a good hard cider, Berliner Weisse or pale ale.  

What out-of-state beverage do you wish could be shipped directly to you?: Luckily, living in New Hampshire means most beverages can be shipped directly to me! And a good portion of top-notch New England breweries are within driving distance. But I’d love to be able to enjoy some brews from my home state of Minnesota—the Twin Cities really have a lot of fantastic craft options.

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