ShipCompliant Fiscal Year '20 Look Back

Updated July 29, 2020


ShipCompliant recently closed the books on another fiscal year, and we’re looking back at how we aligned with our thematic goal, to keep our promise—with customers, partners and the beverage alcohol industry. Here are some stats that speak to how we did just that: 

  • From January to July of 2020 the product team delivered 65 releases and almost 500 product enhancements.
  • ShipCompliant portal uptime was 99.99% and the API uptime was 98.98%.
  • we processed more than 190,000 brand registrations through our Product Registration Online (PRO) and Market Ready platforms.
  • The AutoFile team generated more than 20,000 reports with the amount due totaling over $58M.
  • Customer support handled 65% of their cases within 24 hours. 
  • The marketing team conducted nine webinars and published 63 blogs on topics spanning from regulatory news to DtC best practices and everything in between.