Shifting Focus: How to Make Wine Country Interesting to Millennials

Sovos ShipCompliant | June 27, 2024

Guest blog written by Susan DeMatei, President, WineGlass Marketing

WineGlass Marketing recently conducted a study to explore how Millennials and Gen X feel about wine, wine culture and wine country. The goal was to gain insight into how we can make wine, wine club and wine country appealing to these new audiences. We’ll showcase in-depth findings in a free webinar on July 11 — register for free live and recorded access.

Here are just some of the research highlights we’ll discuss in the webinar.

Millennials and Gen X drink wine

What sets Millennials and Gen X apart is not just their preference for wine over other alcoholic beverages, but also their willingness to invest in quality. Complementary research conducted by the Wine Market Council confirms that Millennials are more likely than Boomers to purchase a bottle of wine over $20, a testament to their discerning taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Choice is not an issue

These consumers grew up with the internet, so they are accustomed to choice. They seek variety and are in a constant state of trial. Therefore, do not be surprised when you hear statistics about RTDs, beer or other adult beverages — which don’t mean they aren’t also consumers of wine.

Wine consumption is social

When surveyed, this group expressed a strong inclination to enjoy wine in social settings, be it at home with friends or at lively events, bars and clubs. This underscores the social nature of wine consumption, emphasizing the need to foster a vibrant wine culture.

The internet is their shopping cart

Liquor and grocery stores are the predominant sales channels. Still, Millennials are twice as likely to use a delivery app, shop online at a retailer like or buy from a winery’s website than Gen X. If you haven’t started to develop significant brain power internally focusing on your web strategy, it’s time to make that a priority.

Visiting wineries is not necessary to enjoy wine

This group shared strong opinions about visiting wineries. Throughout the study, we saw that it seemed like an unnecessary expense and hassle to enjoy a product they already loved. They are fearless in trials and don’t feel the need to follow a brand to its “roots.”

They are open to wine clubs…under certain conditions

Our panel of wine drinkers had some positive things to say about wine clubs, but when they weren’t in a club, the reasons were variety and control. It seems that flexibility and choices are more important to Millennials and Gen X than the club discounts.

Their values are clear

The research featured 28 questions asking respondents’ beliefs about a variety of topics, from alcohol levels to packaging. Overall, they show an affinity for value, moderation, exploration and authenticity. They are looking for brands with straightforward values that match their own, and nothing too extravagant or wasteful. They also clearly have a joy for exploration.

The survey pointed out some clear directions for wineries wanting to shift from Baby Boomers toward Gen X and Millennials. It is clear that these consumers do not value what previous consumers have, and do not make decisions or shop the same. Change is always difficult, but we must begin to shift our presentation of wine to consumers or risk quickly losing relevance. Some wineries are well on their way. We have plenty of tools at our disposal to facilitate this shift, and there are millions of new wine consumers eager to hear from us.

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