How to Streamline Your Wine Shipping With UPS and FedEx

Lizzy Connolly | June 18, 2021

Wineries that use FedEx or UPS to print shipping labels for beverage alcohol packages can integrate with ShipCompliant to streamline the fulfillment process. This means:

Integrating UPS Worldship™ and FedEx Shipmanager™ with ShipCompliant

  1. Call your UPS or FedEx representative and request that they install the necessary software on the computer that you use to print labels. They may be able to do this remotely, or they may come onsite to make the installation.
  2. Configure the integration in your ShipCompliant account. Find detailed instructions here for integrating with UPS Worldship™, while detailed instructions for integrating with FedEx can be found here. Note: You will need to be logged into the Sovos Portal to access the articles.
  3. Process club shipments or daily orders as needed

How does the ShipCompliant integration work for daily orders?

Follow the above instructions to enter a daily order number into your fulfillment software. Then, scan your invoice to pull the shipment information into UPS or FedEx from ShipCompliant. The tracking number will sync back to your ShipCompliant account automatically. ShipCompliant receives the tracking numbers and will ping the carriers daily for tracking updates until the package has been delivered. We ping carriers multiple times per day to increase visibility to end customers. 

If a customer does not have the integration, ShipCompliant still provides either FedEx- or UPS-specific files that can be accepted into their systems. This way, customers can generate FedEx or UPS labels for club or daily orders. Additionally, the tracking is imported back into our system for compliance and delivery insights and tools. 

Are club shipments included?

Create a batch in ShipCompliant for the club orders you want to process, making sure all packages in the batch are the same weight. Then, enter the batch number into UPS or FedEx. Once this is done, all of the shipping information for every package will pull in and your labels will be print-ready. Tracking numbers then sync back into ShipCompliant automatically.

How much does the ShipCompliant integration cost?

There is a charge from UPS associated with setting up the UPS integration. This charge will vary and it is best for customers to connect with their rep to discuss pricing. Reach out to ShipCompliant Support for more details on either FedEx or UPS. Not a ShipCompliant client yet? Schedule a demo to get started.

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