Beer/Malt New Product Registrations Inch Upward in Q2 2022

Lizzy Connolly | July 19, 2022

Smaller product categories in wine and beer/malt lead the way 

Summer has officially arrived, and with rising temperatures also come rising beverage alcohol product registrations. While the industry is not seeing the same spikes as during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still signs of positive growth. There were increases in Product Registration Online (PRO) new product registrations* in the beer/malt category, while both wine and spirits had individual categories with year-over-year or quarter-over-quarter gains.

The following is a breakdown of new product registration data via PRO from the second quarter of 2022 (April, May, June) for wine, beer and spirits.


The beer/malt category saw new product registrations tick up 1% from last quarter, while yearly growth is down 20%. Separating those two definitions out, malt new product registrations grew 4% from last quarter, with yearly growth dipping 15%. Beer also saw decreases, with a 2% drop quarter-over-quarter and down 25% from this time last year. Malt beverage specialties (flavored) or FMB new product registrations had 13% growth over the last quarter, while porter new product registrations saw a 33% increase in the same time frame.


Overall, the number of wine brand registrations in Q2 2022 dropped 18% from Q1, and also saw a 22% decrease from Q2 2021. Saké new product registrations increased 10% from Q1 but dipped 35% compared to last year. Additionally, honey-based dessert wine increased from Q1, with apple-based flavored wine increasing in quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year growth. While it’s too early to definitively say, this could be a sign of greater focus on non-traditional wines in general.

Among wine product registrations:


Overall, spirits new product registrations are down 23% from last quarter and are down 36% from this time last year. Additionally, the only category to see a quarterly increase was whiskey, with an 8% rise from Q1. Tequila is the only category to show year-over-year growth, with an 8% increase as well.

*Product Registration Online (PRO) data encompasses nationwide label/brand registrations by PRO users. Product Registration Online processes some 100,000 state registrations annually.

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