Grow Your Business on the World's No. 1 Solution for Beverage Alcohol Compliance

Reduce risk and save time, so you can focus on growing and running your business.

The alcohol beverage industry’s trusted compliance and technology platform, Sovos ShipCompliant automates registrations, tax calculations and state reporting in this heavily regulated industry.

If you produce, sell and ship wine, you’re tasked with determining proper tax calculations and getting products to customers while complying with vastly different laws in every state.

With Sovos ShipCompliant, wineries, breweries, distilleries and other industry players stay ahead of the latest regulatory changes affecting their business models. As the No. 1 software provider in the beverage alcohol industry, ShipCompliant combines industry-specific compliance expertise with reliable, secure software solutions to serve as a compliance ally for more than 1,300 clients.

Sovos ShipCompliant helps remove the burden of compliance from your internal teams.

Reduce the time, energy and resources internal teams spend on manual compliance efforts.
Mitigate the risk of noncompliance with software that adapts to the fast-changing regulatory environment.
Get products to market more efficiently by submitting accurate registrations on time with a simple, consistent workflow.

ShipCompliant tools are easier and more powerful because they're integrated.

Sovos ShipCompliant is the industry’s innovator in beverage alcohol compliance. We provide alcohol producers, importers and retailers with a full suite of web-based tools to ensure compliance with federal and state laws for direct-to-consumer and 3-tier distribution. You’ll get:

Automated rates & rules updates

Zero-touch rate updates from Sovos’ team of regulatory experts, who work directly with state and federal regulators

Real-time tax calculation

Accurate alcohol-specific tax rates for millions of combinations of jurisdictions


Labels research to learn what is in the market today and prevent trademark disputes

State filings

Accurate auto-populated state sales tax, excise tax and shipping returns, guaranteed; automatic, secure payments and remittance to state agencies; visibility and secure storage of all remitted returns and payments


Integrated with more than 50 systems to ensure compatibility with workflow and seamless data transfer

Real-time compliance checks

Orders checked against thousands of rules, including volume limits and age checks, with immediate feedback on compliance status

Federal and state registrations

Pre-populated registrations for every state that requires them, regardless of submission method (paper, efile, or PRO) in a single, consistent workflow

Central place for compliance data

Secure storage for all COLAs, brands, registrations, distributors, territories, licenses, and approval status in one electronic file cabinet


“I don’t know how we could have succeeded and increased our tasting room sales without the use of ShipCompliant. If any winery is still doing it manually or not happy with what they’re using, there are so many things that are available here.”

Carole Peterson

Government Compliance Specialist, Wente Vineyards