How New York will Reduce Time & Costs for Suppliers, Distributors and State Agencies

Delaney McDonald
April 28, 2020

As of April 28, 2020 the state of New York and the alcohol suppliers within its borders will now be able to streamline the process of filing brand registrations and renewing licenses. With Sovos ShipCompliant’s Product Registration Online (PRO) tool, the process and cost of getting registrations approved for beer, wine and spirits will greatly decrease. PRO allows e-filing for beverage alcohol products and label registrations and is available for both beverage alcohol licensees (suppliers) and for state agencies.

PRO gives suppliers more control over timelines and registrations, allowing them to submit registrations on behalf of distributors. With this new flexibility, a supplier that is willing to front the cost and work with the distributor externally, can submit label registrations themselves. This reduces the potential of having to wait a month or more for the distributor to submit the label so they can move forward and begin selling their product sooner.

PRO’s impact on New York

New York’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Law requires all brand labels for beer, low-alcohol wine, liquor, and hard cider products to be registered and approved by the State Liquor Authority (SLA) before they are brought to market. PRO will allow online submission and approval for state agencies, digitizing brand registrations and the renewal process for beer, cider, wine and spirits.

The NYSLA is one of the nation’s largest state liquor and alcohol regulatory agencies, currently managing more than 39,000 active brands, and is the largest such entity to fully automate its beverage alcohol product registration online via the PRO platform. PRO’s user-friendly compliance interface accelerates NYSLA’s brand registration processing, cutting down expected wait times from weeks to hours in many cases, while also reducing paper waste and shipping costs. 

Why go PRO?

With ShipCompliant PRO, users can submit applications, along with any state fees, for speedy review. Agencies can examine all application details within the PRO portal, leave comments and approve registrations without any paper or postage required. Sovos ShipCompliant retains all historical data for users securely in the cloud.

Many state alcohol agencies continue to rely on costly, confusing and time-consuming manual processes for alcohol beverage brand registration. Using the PRO system, can cut down on costs and time spent on brand registrations and licensed wholesalers, importers and retailers can get their products to market faster and more efficiently.

Learn more on how PRO streamlines brand registration workflows for beverage alcohol licensees and states alike.

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Delaney McDonald

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