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Sovos ShipCompliant Wine Summit

Event Summary

The Sovos ShipCompliant Wine Summit is the premier conference for winery compliance, hospitality and owner/operator professionals. The Wine Summit gathers winery professionals for one-and-a-half days of hands-on user training, learning, networking, one-on-one Sovos ShipCompliant staff interaction, and more!

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May 8-9, 2024

Napa Valley Marriott


What attendees can expect from the Wine Summit:

Updates on the latest regulations impacting the wine industry

Sessions focused on marketing, hospitality and customer experience

Strategies for innovation and growth

ShipCompliant product news and user training

Networking and inspiration!

2024 Agenda

Wednesday, May 8

ShipCompliant User Training

1:00pm - 1:50pm

Breakout Session: A Beginner’s View into ShipCompliant 
Jessica Lochner, Sovos ShipCompliant 
Zachary Paulson, Sovos ShipCompliant 

If you are new to ShipCompliant or want a refresher on the basics, join us for keys to managing your account, working with Support and how to handle common scenarios that users may encounter. 

1:00pm - 1:50pm 

Breakout Session: All About Orders 
Anthony Orig, Sovos ShipCompliant 

Learn the differences in daily, pick-up and club orders, and how integrations with partners improve the fulfillment process. We’ll cover how templates help with importing orders and the vital information needed to ensure accuracy. Join us to learn about exporting orders with filters as well as tracking orders.  

1:50pm - 2:00pm


2:00pm - 2:50pm

General Session: Deep Dive into AutoFile 
Jacob Luberda, Sovos ShipCompliant 

Our AutoFile team is responsible for your monthly state reports – but how can you maximize efficiency? Join us to learn more about fix prompts, prepared returns, return statuses, holding reports, and auto-confirmation. This session will benefit current AutoFile users as well as those who may be interested in adding this managed service to your account. 

2:50pm - 3:00pm


3:00pm - 3:50pm 

Breakout Session: Market Ready & LabelVision   
Jessica Lochner, Sovos ShipCompliant 
Lexie O’Neill, Sovos ShipCompliant

Get to know these ShipCompliant solutions! Market Ready simplifies wholesale go-to-market complexities with automated project management and real-time government integration, while LabelVision helps you streamline the research required to protect and grow your brand. Learn how to get products to market efficiently, research trademarks and stay ahead of competitive trends. 

3:00pm - 3:50pm 

Breakout Session: Keys to a Healthy Account  
Anthony Orig, Sovos ShipCompliant

Maintaining the information in your ShipCompliant account is not a one-time task. We’ll take a look at how to maintain your state login information, checking returns before submission, turning on new report types, and updating filing frequencies. Join us to know the keys to a healthy account that sets you up for long-term success.    

4:00pm - 4:50pm 

General Session: Maximizing your ShipCompliant Account   
Zachary Paulson, Sovos ShipCompliant

Are you getting the most out of your ShipCompliant account? Learn key tips and tricks to reading reports, how to determine economic nexus, ACR reports, and determining gallonage. We’ll also cover how to enter licenses correctly and keep your data clean in ShipCompliant. 

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Welcome Reception

Thursday, May 9

7:30am - 8:30am

Registration and breakfast

8:30am - 9:00am

Opening Session: Sovos ShipCompliant Updates
Lexie O’Neill, Sovos ShipCompliant 

Sovos ShipCompliant’s Lexie O’Neill will look back at the accomplishments and challenges faced by our clients and partners across the past year, from movements in the regulatory environment to the impacts of an inflationary economic climate on consumers and the industry as a whole. Lexie will review the front- and back-end work underway in the ShipCompliant suite of solutions and shed light on what’s ahead for the product in the coming months. 

9:00am - 10:00am

Opening Keynote: Key Consumer and Industry Trends
Rob McMillan, Silicon Valley Bank 

Every successful winery needs to keep tabs on what the data reveal about trends in purchasing and consumption by channel, demographic categories, evolving consumer preferences and more. Hear from industry veteran Rob McMillan — the force behind Silicon Valley Bank’s annual State of the Industry Wine Report — on what the numbers show about current and future forces impacting the wine industry. 

10:00am - 10:30am


10:30am - 11:30am

General Session: Regulatory Updates from the TTB 
Aniko Ritchie, TTB

Hear directly from the TTB on the agency’s current and upcoming areas of focus, including news about nutritional information and other labeling rules, and how wineries can avoid common errors related to federal regulations

11:30am - 12:20pm

General Session: State Regulatory Updates 
Matthew Botting, California Alcoholic Beverage Control
Risa Williams, Arizona Department of Liquor
Moderator: Alex Koral, Sovos ShipCompliant 

Hear directly from some of the key regulating agencies governing the wine industry as they discuss a range of issues impacting your business.  

12:20pm - 1:20pm


1:20pm - 2:10pm

Breakout Session: Sales Tax and the DtC Shipper 
Chuck Maniace, Sovos ShipCompliant

All successful DtC wine shippers know that managing sales tax calculations and reporting is critical to their success. But sales tax compliance is not easy and as states develop new policies and services to bring in sales tax revenue from additional remote and marketplace sellers, things are only getting more complicated. Learn from the experts about the evolving sales tax landscape, how it applies to DtC wine shippers, and what you should be aware of to stay on top of your sales tax compliance. 

1:20pm - 2:10pm

Breakout Session: Leveraging Three-Tier to Drive DtC Success – And Vice Versa 
Ian Consoli, Tablas Creek
Carol Reber, The Duckhorn Portfolio 
Quinton Jay, Bacchus Consulting Group

Historically the three-tier distribution and DtC channels have operated independently from one another, sometimes even viewing each other as competition. But in reality, wholesale and DtC have a positive symbiosis that can build on each other. From grapes to glass, there are any number of ways for wineries to succeed, but any model that focuses solely on one market and ignores the other is missing out on a large potential revenue stream. Producers that can demonstrate a robust DtC market in a state can show clear value to distributors; by expanding their presence in a state’s three tier market, producers can drive business to their DtC channel as customers seek out wines not made available in stores. But this model requires data and a keen eye on each market. Our panelists — each experienced in leveraging both channels in tandem — will share their expertise on how to gather, process and act on the data, marketing plans and other business info so that a winery can thrive in both environments. 

2:10pm - 2:40pm


2:40pm - 3:30pm

Breakout Session: Legal Professionals Panel
Bahaneh Hobel, Dickenson Peatman Fogarty
Rebecca Stamey-White, Hinman & Carmichael
Melanie A. Full, Gallo
Moderator: Alex Koral, Sovos ShipCompliant 

Hear from expert beverage alcohol attorneys as they discuss recent and ongoing developments in regulations affecting wineries and wine sales and what they mean for wineries’ compliance management and growth plans. Panel moderated by Alex Koral, regulatory general counsel, Sovos ShipCompliant.  

2:40pm - 3:30pm

Breakout Session: Reaching Younger, More Diverse Consumers 
Jen Purcell, Avaline
Victoria Anderson, Hudson Ranch and Vineyards
Moderator: Nigeria Cole, Sonoma State University

As demographics, preferences and behaviors evolve among emerging LDA consumers, learn how to reach these potential customers through an education lens and tangible marketing tactics. 

3:30pm - 4:00pm


4:00pm - 5:15pm

Closing Keynote: State of the Industry
Steve Gross, Wine Institute

Steve Gross will deliver his highly anticipated deep dive into the status of the wine industry, with a focus on direct-to-consumer shipping regulation and what’s on the horizon in the coming months and years. 

5:15pm - 6:15pm

Wine Party

2024 Speakers

Read full speaker bios here.

Victoria Anderson

Sales & Marketing Director, Hudson Ranch and Vineyards

Matthew Botting

General Counsel, California Alcoholic Beverage Control

Nigeria Cole

Administrative Operations Specialist, Sonoma State University

Ian Consolli

Marketing Director, Tablas Creek Vineyard

Melanie A. Full

Associate General Counsel, Gallo

Steve Gross

Vice President, State Relations, Wine Institute

Bahaneh Hobel

Partner, Dickenson Peatman & Fogarty

Quinton Jay

Managing Director, Bacchus Consulting Group

Alex Koral

Regulatory General Counsel, Sovos ShipCompliant

Chuck Maniace

Sovos ShipCompliant

Rob McMillan

EVP & Founder, Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division

Lexie O’Neill

Director, Product Management, Sovos ShipCompliant

Jennifer Purcell

CEO, Avaline

Aniko Ritchie

Industry Education Technical Advisor, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

Rebecca Stamey-White

Partner, Hinman & Carmichael LLP

Risa Williams

Investigations Sergeant, Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control

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