Vice President, Demand Generation

Jackie Anglin

Jackie Anglin

As vice president of demand generation, Jackie serves as global practice lead for Sovos’ field marketing teams. In her role, she partners with sales, brand and the product field marketing organizations to ensure alignment and best practices.

Jackie’s business philosophy is centered around the belief that marketing’s job is never done. It’s about maintaining perpetual motion and continuing to innovate every day. A firm believer in the power of information, she equates trying to market without reliable data to trying to drive with your eyes closed.

A career spent in marketing leadership roles has given her a greater appreciation for the art of the pivot. She notes that not everything is always going to go as planned on the first try, the important thing is to continue to measure and adapt to current business conditions based on the knowledge you have.

When not in the office, you might find Jackie playing tennis on one of the local courts. More likely you will find her serving in her other professional roles of sideline mom and taxi driver headed to next volleyball, lacrosse or soccer game.

For more information, see Jackie’s LinkedIn profile.