Remove the Burden of Sales Tax Filing with Sovos Managed Services

Technology enabled sales tax managed services

Managed services from Sovos make sales tax filings quick, easy and painless.

Sales tax filing is complicated. Sovos’ US-based team of dedicated professionals ensures your filings are completed correctly, on time, every time. Backed by Sovos’ experienced group of regulatory experts, you can rest assured that we stay up to date with the latest tax laws and mandates, greatly reducing your chance of an audit.

Further reduce your risk & cost with Certified Managed Services in Pennsylvania and the Streamlined Sales Tax states.

By outsourcing your tax filing obligations to Sovos’ managed services team, you can redirect your finance team towards other important business initiatives, saving valuable time and resources while reducing your risk. Let us shoulder your sales tax compliance burden.

Sovos Filing Managed Services

Reduce the tax filing burden on your organization by using managed services from Sovos. Your dedicated tax professional will oversee all aspects of the filing and remittance process ensuring returns are filed accurately and on time.

Benefit from a direct line of communication with your dedicated tax preparer

Reduce your risk of audits and penalties

Maintain a complete record of filings and transactions across all jurisdictions

Save time, money and resources

Sovos Certified Managed Services

Choosing a Certified Service Provider (CSP) to manage your sales tax filings reduces the organizational burden and risk of managing end-to-end sales tax compliance. See why organizations doing business in Pennsylvania and the Streamlined Sales Tax states are choosing to leverage Sovos as their CSP:

Escalated support

Certified customer requests/cases are prioritized and sent to the top of the queue

Liability relief

No audit liability assessed for any errors resulting from properly used rate, rule, or boundary information provided by the member states

Increased audit protection

Sovos acts as primary point of contact in respect to all notices of sales and use tax audits by member states

Registration and registration updates

Register and/or update registration with all member states

“We didn’t have the resources to go out and get the licensing done for each state that we’re selling into through our ecommerce site and manage all those new returns in-house. It didn’t take much effort on our side to implement and we spend next to no time now on ecommerce tax compliance.”

Mark Oulds

Director of Taxation at Boscov’s