Holmes Corporation finds right level of support and expertise with Sovos

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Case Study

Holmes Corporation

Holmes Corporation appreciates the value of their tax partner being experts in both tax and their business.


Business Challenges

  • Holmes Corporation needed a sales tax partner with proven expertise and experience in both domestic and international tax environments 
  • Internal resources for managing sales tax and filing obligations were limited, necessitating a higher level of efficiency in their tax partner and solution
  • The customer service and responsiveness of their existing vendor was deteriorating and creating additional burdens for the internal team
  • Holmes Corporation wasn’t looking for a quick fix to a problem, they were seeking a long-term partnership with a company that understood the unique challenges of their business


Holmes Corporation selected Sovos for its depth and breadth of expertise across the tax compliance spectrum. Critical considerations included:

  • Strong customer support system and responsiveness

  • Domestic and international expertise

  • Ability to quickly adapt to changing business conditions

  • Dedicated professionals that understand Holmes’ unique business challenges


  • Holmes is achieving better automation and functionality  

  • They are improving processes for managing transactions with partners

  • Efficiency has increased while lessening the burden on the internal team

  • When questions arise, Holmes has a dedicated resource familiar with their business

“We found ourselves turning to your knowledge center frequently for education while we were still with a previous vendor. This was quite telling because we were looking to Sovos for answers that we weren’t getting from our existing partner. Your depth of expertise and the resources you had available were a contributing factor in our decision to switch.”

Erik Hinkie

CIO, Holmes Corporation

The Company

Holmes Corporation (HC) develops and delivers exceptional educational products to serve individuals worldwide seeking professional credentials and certifications. They strive to elevate entire professions by building long-term partnerships with leading associations to grow demand and achievement of their certification programs through the creation and distribution of premium quality learning systems. To date, HC has helped more than 1.5 million professionals in 180 countries advance their careers through credential preparation.

The Challenge

Holmes Corporation needed a tax partner that understood the complexities of managing tax on a global basis. Limited internal resources combined with a rapidly changing and increasingly complex tax landscape was creating a burden on the internal team to consistently process tax filings and ensure compliance with a vendor whose customer service was poor and getting worse.

Recognizing that their current vendor did not have the depth and breadth of expertise to meet their needs long-term, Holmes Corporation decided it was best to end the relationship and seek out a partner capable of delivering both tax and technical expertise and exemplary customer service.

Why Sovos?

Holmes Corporation selected Sovos for its deep experience in sales tax management both domestically and internationally. The goal was to improve and simplify its processes, easing the burden on internal operations while ensuring compliance with all tax obligations.

Holmes was seeking a partner in which to build a long-term business relationship, one that had the experience and breadth of knowledge to navigate today’s demanding and rapidly evolving tax landscape.

A lack of customer service and responsiveness from their existing vendor was a major motivation in pursuing a relationship with Sovos.

“If I were to offer a company advice on choosing a sales tax provider, I would definitely steer them towards a model like Sovos, where you have an individual who’s responsible for your account, understands your business and is responsible for it month over month.”

Lisa Larson

VP Finance & Operations, Holmes Corporation