Sales Tax Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

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Adopting a complete sales tax solution significantly reduces audit risk, streamlines the tax compliance process and keeps you up to date with regulatory changes. With Sovos, you can be confident in tax compliance so you can focus on growing your business.

Connecting Microsoft Dynamics to Sovos’ sales tax automation tools is simple, and our team is happy to guide you through the process. Check out the details of our end-to-end sales tax solution below. 

Sovos can solve all your sales tax compliance needs with our fully integrated end-to-end solution suite:

Global Tax Determination

Real-time tax determination that easily integrates with your existing accounting system and ensures customers are charged the correct tax on every transaction.

Sovos CertManager

Manage your entire customer tax exemption certificate process, from collection and archiving to validation. Utilize synchronized reporting and audit defense, while gaining easy access to exemption certificates.

Filing Solutions and Services

Efficiently handle returns in every jurisdiction. Save time by outsourcing your filings and payment processing to Sovos’ dedicated team of tax preparers.

SAGE Publishing Reduces IT Burden by Implementing a Cohesive Cloud-Based Tax Solution

“We are on one consolidated tax engine system that accommodates our global business and taxation rules. Going with the SaaS solution has alleviated the onus on internal IT to continually maintain and configure the tax engine.”

– Senior developer, SAGE Publishing
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Key Benefits

Improved confidence in sales tax accuracy for all accounts receivable transactions

Simplified set-up with our pre-built adaptor for Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations module

Lowered risk of penalties due to late or inaccurate sales tax filings

Enhanced filing and certificate management experience with Sovos managed services


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