An Always-On Cloud Solution for Tax Determination

Provides unparalleled uptime and performance, with scalable and sophisticated technology

The State of Active/Active

Because any day of the year could be the busiest one for your business, Sovos is built to support you at all times and enable your continued success and growth. We’ve got you covered – now, and in the future – to give you peace of mind when it comes to sales tax compliance. That’s why we created the path to Active/Active for our global determination tax engine, which means always-on availability, and introduced a new, flexible deployment model known as Hybrid Cloud.

Continuous uptime - no matter what.

The state of Active/Active is where calculation calls flow seamlessly through our primary and secondary data centers – this includes automated checks that monitor and analyze the health of each data center and directs traffic appropriately. Active/Active doubles the capacity for transactions to support your business surges and empowers your business to operate 24/7, 365 days a year. We added a redundant layer to ensure the tax engine is always-on and secure to allow you to focus on your core business.

Key Features


Our global tax determination cloud offering is active in two datacenters spread across two geographically separate regions within North America

Constantly updated

There are 12,000+ jurisdictions with a sales tax rate in the U.S. alone. Our regulatory team is constantly tracking and updating rates to keep you compliant, and the state of Active/Active means continuous real-time, updated tax calculations

Flexible integration options

Regardless of the financial systems you utilize (certified integrations, mid-market APIs, enterprise APIs), Sovos can connect to them

Global Tax Determination (GTD) Hybrid Cloud

The best of both worlds. Sovos offers a lightweight, containerized on-premise deployment model to ensure customers can meet their high availability, low-latency and scalability requirements by allowing the calculation portion of the engine to be closer to the transaction source.

The calculation in a cloud engine is typically performed within the Sovos cloud environment. Hybrid Cloud can take that same capability existing in the Sovos cloud and put it closer to the transaction source, eliminating any latency associated with a roundtrip call to the Sovos data center.

You can have the best of both worlds with a centralized, configured reporting structure in a SaaS environment without all of the overhead associated with on-premise.

Key Features


Hybrid Cloud can automatically failover to the on-premise hybrid engine node to eliminate any danger of interruption to calculations.


Hybrid Cloud allows failover to an on-premise hybrid node that gives instantaneous results. Deploying the calculation capability close to the transaction source eliminates internet latency and ensures that tax is not a barrier to conducting business.

Predictive scaling

Hybrid Cloud can be set up to auto-scale in advance for when you need it. This way, during times you know your organization will have huge spikes in transactions over a short period of time, we can help you prepare for a smooth process.