Save time and ensure compliance with Sovos Unclaimed Property Compliance Software

Automate your unclaimed property obligations and prevent penalties.

Unclaimed property challenges

4 out of 5 are out of compliance

Every state imposes its own unique unclaimed property regulations. And changes occur daily. As a result, officials estimate that 80 percent of all businesses are out of compliance with unclaimed property laws. But not keeping track can quickly catch up with you. Fines, penalties, interest and misdemeanor charges can place a massive financial burden on your business. And if fraud is discovered, your business’s reputation will take a hit.

Managed services
Fully outsource the burden of unclaimed property compliance. With managed services our unclaimed property compliance experts will handle the entire compliance process for you.

State penalty stats:

  • 47 states charge your business a willful penalty if they determine you’re  intentionally disregarding requirements
  • 44 states charge your business a penalty if you fail to report, pay or deliver property in their prescribed timeframe
  • 20 states charge your business interest on top of the above penalties

Sovos Unclaimed Property Compliance Solutions enable you to drive efficiency, minimize penalties and more

Drive efficiency

Automate manual, time-consuming unclaimed property compliance processes. And, instead put the time you’ve saved into accomplishing your most important business objectives.

Minimize penalties

Comply with all state escheatment processes, regardless of how quickly they change.

Bolster audit defense

Generate and submit due diligence letters and cover sheets to the states using complete, transparent audit trails and a library of reports.

Maintain compliance

Remain at ease with an automated solution backed by regulatory analysts monitoring state dormancy and due diligence requirements daily.

Avoid organizational fraud

Prevent fraudulent activity with a full audit trail of all activities performed, including moving assets to personal accounts.

Enhance customer experience

Tailor due diligence letters to your customer to improve customer relations and increase goodwill.

Our Customers

“You will be pleasantly surprised with how little it costs for them to make your life so much easier. They will save you time and money! I highly recommend using the Sovos unclaimed property solutions.”

Bruce Griffith

Senior Accountant, AdventSource