Address the unprecedented volume and complexity of financial reports with confidence.

The Sovos Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) solution offers intelligent compliance in 100+ countries.

In an unparalleled display of transparency and cooperation, governments around the world are signing agreements to automatically exchange financial information reported by key businesses – particularly financial institutions. These alliances aim to cut down on tax fraud and maximize tax revenues by helping to identify account holders who may be investing money across borders to avoid paying taxes.

Businesses are now forced to adhere to new tax reporting obligations – including FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), CDOT (Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories reporting) and CRS (Common Reporting Standard) – in every country in which they conduct business, detailing account data never before shared.

Noncompliance with these agreements, collectively dubbed the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI), can damage your reputation and result in customer churn and fines.

Sovos delivers intelligent compliance cloud solutions that help businesses thrive as they navigate the challenges of global compliance. We enable over 4,500 clients, including nearly half of the Fortune 500, to operate with confidence in today’s dynamic regulatory environment.


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Turn reactive processes into intelligent compliance, safeguarding your company from the constant change and risk involved in global reporting.

Agile, Centralized Solution Accommodates Your Unique Needs

Agile, Centralized Solution Accommodates Your Unique Needs

Minimal need for IT involvement


Adapts to individual source systems and processing requirements


Flexible deployment options including SaaS, on-premise and hybrid


Flexible Data Management Ensures Data Accuracy and Accessibility


Connect data from multiple systems with flexibility in importing, mapping and reporting


Necessary data in virtually any format is quickly validated and transformed in to compliant AEOI reporting

Enhanced Ability to Correct Data Prior to Reporting

Enhanced Ability to Correct Data Prior to Reporting

Automatically alerts on changing account statuses to ensure appropriate jurisdictional rules are followed

Accurate, Up-to-Date Compliance for Every Jurisdiction

New rule changes are automatically updated – over 10,000 changes per month, on average


Easily validate jurisdictional requirements and track reporting deadlines that span from January through September

Highest Security Standards and Bulletproof Audit Response

Define user access and administrative privileges


Create an audit trail


Flexible reporting to monitor and demonstrate compliance


Security measures including certifications, recurring audits, dual secure backups, third-party penetration testing and biometrically guarded data center with industry-leading data-at-rest encryption

The Sovos Difference

“As one of the very few solutions willing to take on FATCA, CDOT and CRS, it is evident that Sovos prioritizes its customers’ pain points on a personal level above the technology alone. In fact, the development team continuously builds out product enhancements based on end-users’ input and preferences. Our customers find it refreshing to work with a true partner in tax compliance that aims to help improve their processes and mitigate the challenges that keep them awake at night, beyond solely providing the technology to support their needs.” -VP of regulatory support at a global financial institution