Turkey’s E-Transformation Solutions and Benefits

The journey of e-transformation and tax digitization for companies in Turkey began in 2012 with the e-ledger application being made compulsory for multiple sectors.  

Over the years, the scope of e-transformation has expanded to include different e-documents. Compulsory e-document use was further expanded in terms of both application and taxpayers with the General Communique No. 509 published by the Turkish Revenue Administration (TRA) on October 19, 2019. And so 2020 became the year of e-transformation in Turkey. In 2021, with the effect of various regulations, the number of companies entering the e-transformation process has further increased. 

In addition to the solutions provided to switch companies to compulsory e-document use, e-transformation applications provide many advantages for companies. Benefits include:


  • Ability to monitor all your e-invoices (inbound and outbound) in one place (desktop and mobile) via a user-friendly cloud portal. 
  • Remove manual processes and their associated costs such as hardware, ink and delivery, to focus on business-critical tasks.  
  • Complete government integration. 
  • Quick issuing and archiving of e-invoices in digital environment saves time and storage. 
  • Invoices are sent electronically so cannot get lost in transit. 
  • Accelerated collection track and control process. 
  • E-invoice is eco-friendly; printing paper invoice is eliminated. 

E-arşiv invoice: 

  • Reduces printing and shipping costs and completely eliminates archiving costs. 
  • Issuing invoices is faster. Reporting is made easier and more detailed. 
  • All transactional processes are faster, eliminating the operational workload. 
  • Easy and fast access to previous invoices. 
  • Improved security over paper processes as digitally sent and stored. 
  • Improved sustainability due to reduced paper use.  


  • Ledgers are stored securely via digital methods. 
  • Provides quick access to accurate data for audit processes. 
  • Reduces cost and time of notarization processes. 
  • Increased compliance with tax processes. 
  • Forms a legal basis for the economy and develops trust in companies. 

E-delivery note: 

  • Reduces paper and document storage costs. 
  • Facilitates waybill track and control and eliminates invoice losses and resubmission. 
  • Enables shorter document delivery times. 
  • Provides quick reconciliation. 
  • Facilitates reporting processes. 
  • Works with e-invoice and e-arşiv invoice processes.

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