Key Considerations For IT and Tax to Ensure Alignment on the Journey to a Cloud-Based Sales Tax Solution

Why sales tax processes should be included on your journey to the cloud

The business needs of a multi-faceted organization are endless and priorities can quickly become skewed. It is important that businesses take steps to align strategies on ensuring tax is included in the cloud approach. 


Tax Team
IT Team
Tax Team

How do we ensure alignment with IT?

  • What is IT’s cloud strategy?
  • What are IT’s near-term priorities?
  • Are there upcoming changes to transactional systems (ERP, eCommerce, P2P)?
IT Team

How do we ensure alignment with tax?

  • How are we currently supporting the tax function?
  • Does tax have any limitations in their existing processes?
  • Are they aware of our IT roadmap?
Tax Team

Assessing our current tax solution

  • How reliant upon IT are we?
  • Can we manage systems within tax?
  • What processes can we automate? 

IT Team

Assessing how tax fits into strategic planning

  • How much time are we spending on sales tax processes?
  • Where do we want to reduce the resource impact/manual work?
  • Do we have a strategy to move to S/4HANA? What are the implications of tax data migrations when we move to S/4, and the impacts of not properly accounting for this?
Tax Team

How do we prepare tax for the migration?

  • Identify and confirm ideal end state.
  • Review customizations and identify what needs to be changed.
  • Identify key stakeholders and migration concerns.
IT Team

When and where should we consider tax?

  • When changing to a transactional system.
  • When aligned with a cloud strategy.
  • As early as possible – don’t make tax an afterthought.

Migrating your tax engine to a cloud-based sales tax solution is the perfect time for IT and tax to align on strategic priorities.

Getting tax and IT aligned early and often eliminates issues and increased costs.

Sovos can help bring the two sides together with minimum interruption and maximum output. Talk to Sovos if you have questions about moving your tax engine to the cloud.