The Sovos expert series provides detailed analysis of urgent tax matters by some of the world’s most renowned tax and regulatory experts. Our audiocasts summarize the critical information you need to know in a quick, easy to understand forum. If you need to know it, Sovos has you covered.

Saudi Arabia: The Gulf's CTC Pioneer

We sat down with Selin Ring, Regulatory Counsel at Sovos, to discuss Saudi Arabia’s upcoming e-invoicing mandate. The new regulations will be introduced 4 December 2021 and signal the beginning of continuous transaction controls, or CTCs, in the Gulf region.

EU E-commerce VAT Package: All wrapped up in 5 minutes

The EU E-commerce VAT package is due to come into effect on 1st July 2021 with changes affecting businesses that trade in the EU. The changes are designed to simplify cross border transactions and keep continuity within VAT reporting.

Although these are simplifications, it can be difficult to determine which will benefit your business without proper knowledge of the package on offer. It is crucial for a business to assess their position and therefore decide if they need to implement any of the EU E-commerce VAT package.

Brazil E-Invoicing: New rules on NF-e invoices

Although Brazil is known for its complex tax laws that make compliance a difficult task in the country, it is undeniable that the Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) system implemented more than a decade ago is one of the most stable in the world.

However, even a sophisticated CTC system continues to evolve and mature, and as a result legal changes and technical updates happen quite often in Brazil. In December 2020 the Brazilian tax authorities changed the premise for cancellation and correction of NF-es and buyer’s responses.

South Korean E-Invoicing Summarized in Four Minutes

We sat down with Selin Ring, regulatory counsel at Sovos, to get a clear understanding of South Korean e-invoicing obligations. The system, which was first introduced in 2011, contains both an e-invoicing mandate and a real time reporting mandate.

Poland: Full Steam Ahead Towards Europe’s Next Continuous Transaction Control System

We sat with down with Sovos’ Anna Norden, principal, regulatory affairs, to discuss Poland’s new e-invoicing law. The new law is due to go into effect  in October 2021 and will introduce e-invoicing via a national platform in a Continuous Transaction Control system.

France (EN): Time is of the Essence When France Moves to Continuous Transaction Controls

We sat with down with Sovos’ Anna Norden, principal, regulatory affairs to discuss France’s upcoming move to Continuous Transaction Controls. The changes are scheduled to debut in 2023 and introduce mandatory e-invoicing clearance and e-reporting.

France (FR): Passage à la facturation électronique et au contrôle continu des transactions en France: les délais seront serrés

Nous nous sommes entretenus avec Jean-Cyril Schütterlé, Directeur Ecosystème chez Sovos, à propos du prochain passage de la France au contrôle continu des transactions. Les nouvelles règles devraient rendre obligatoires, d’ici 2023, la dématérialisation fiscale des factures B2B avec approbation préalable (clearance) ainsi que l’émission d’un reporting électronique.

Trends 1: VAT Trends: Towards Continuous Transaction Controls Part One

We sat down with Christiaan Van Der Valk, VP of strategy at Sovos, to discuss the 12th edition of the Sovos Trends in Continuous Global VAT Compliance report to find out more about the focus and key trends of this year’s report.

Trends 2: VAT Trends: Toward Continuous Transaction Controls Part Two

In the second and final discussion of the 12th edition of the Sovos Trends in Continuous VAT Compliance Report, we sat down with Christiaan Van Der Valk, VP of strategy at Sovos to discuss the increasingly complex tax landscape and how 2020 could affect tax laws in the coming years.

Brexit: Brexit and VAT

We sat down with Andy Spencer, director of consulting services at Sovos, to discuss the VAT implications of Brexit for organisations doing business in the UK and the European Union.  

Turkey: Which Documents can Replace e-Delivery Notes?

We sat down with Selin Adler Ring, regulatory counsel at Sovos, to discuss the Turkey e-delivery note and its impact on multinational organisations. Selin explains the new system, also known as the e-waybill, and the details of the mandate in Turkey.

E-Archiving: E-Archiving with Filippa Jornstedt

We sat down with Filippa Jörnstedt, manager of regulatory analysis and design at Sovos, to discuss why e-archiving should be a critical part of a businesses’ e-invoicing strategy. E-archiving requirements change across jurisdictions and are becoming increasingly important as tax authorities digitise their systems.

India: Changes to the Proposed E-Invoicing System

We sat down with Selin Adler Ring, regulatory counsel at Sovos, to discuss the upcoming changes to India’s e-invoicing system and its potential impacts on business. The mandate will be rolled out over the coming year and will eventually cover all businesses