Colombia's eInvoicing mandate is here, now. Are you ready?

Sovos is the only global provider of eInvoicing compliance solutions certified by the Colombia DIAN

  • June 29, 2018


    Group 1: Those that have requested folios for eInvoicing in the last 5 years. View List

  • Sept 29, 2018


    Group 2: Those in group 1 but generate more than 3M invoices per month. View List

  • Early


    Group 3: All other large taxpayers defined by the DIAN

  • Jan 1,


    All taxpayers who  pay VAT are required to comply.

Requirements of Colombia eInvoicing

Companies in Colombia need to prepare now for the impending mandates – as all companies will be required to comply by January 1, 2019 – not only to ensure compliance, but also to realize the benefits of e-invoicing.

Requirement Characteristics

› Standard XML format established by the DIAN.

› Consecutive numbering authorized by the DIAN.

› Digital or electronic signature to guarantee authenticity and integrity of the electronic invoice, in accordance with the signature policy adopted by the DIAN.

› Unique Code of Electronic Invoice CUFE.

Sovos in Colombia

  • 40-year history of providing Tax Compliance Software

  • ISO 27001 certified

  • Certified DIAN Technology Provider

  • Offices in: Bogota, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Lima, and Tucumán

  • Regional leader with solutions in 9 countries covering: eFactura, eBoleta, eContabilidad (i.e. Libros, SPED), and much more

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