Zorch saves substantial time on sales tax filings with Sovos

Case Study


Sovos has saved Zorch substantial time, money and resources by accurately computing sales tax at the point of sale and compiling their monthly sales tax filings.


Business Challenges

  • Original system required manual updates

  • Required an outside CPA firm to process and file

  • Manual system couldn’t handle volume of large clients


  • Reduced penalties and corrections by accurately charging sales tax at the point of sale.

  • Eliminated the time and resources needed to manually compile data.

  • Automated sales tax filing and monthly returns in one simple process.


  • Saves at least 80 hours each month of employees’ time.

  • Accurate tax determination on all transactions offers peace of mind.

  • Accounting department can focus on other more pressing tasks.

The Company

Zorch is a Chicago-based company that provides brand promotional products as well as warehousing and distribution services. The company creates online stores for its employee, customer, and outreach programs. This model gives clients direct access to their suppliers and eliminates overhead caused by using a distributor.

The Challenge

Although it streamlined processes for their clients, the online store model was a headache for Zorch employees when it came to tracking constantly changing sales and use tax rules and rates. Zorch also lacked the internal expertise to understand its tax obligations as its clients’ and distributors’ geographic footprints expanded.

The Solution

Zorch was looking for a partner that could offer a cost-effective, accurate solution that eliminated errors and re- invoicing. The company was impressed with the quality of the content and the overall value provided by Sovos’ Taxware solution.

“ Before implementing the Taxware system, two employees would typically spend 40 hours a month each handing our sales tax needs. They can now focus this time on growing the business.”

Chris Hosler


The Benefits

In addition to peace of mind, Zorch enjoyed Sovos’ ease of use and its newfound ability to take a hands- off approach to monthly filing, allowing the software to do the heavy lifting. The solution freed up Zorch’s accounting department, allowing them to focus on other business critical activities.

The Results

Zorch is happy with its Sovos products and services. Having a tool that accurately computes sales tax at the time of order and compiles the monthly sales tax filings has saved it a substantial amount of time, money, and resources.

Why Sovos?

Zorch was pleased with the robust Sovos implementation process, which ensured accurate sales tax is calculated for each transaction in each jurisdiction. It was critical that all the individual rules governing the thousands of products Zorch sells — from golf tees to silver cufflinks — were set up ahead of time. The Sovos team was available to help each step of implementation and consistently provided clear direction.