IDEXX saves $150k per month with Sovos

Case Study


Sovos provided a solution that complements IDEXX’s projected company growth and can handle an increased transaction volume.


Business Challenges

  • IDEXX was expanding rapidly and needed a provider with more bandwidth
  • Manual configurations were time consuming
  • Hard to keep up with changing tax requirements


  • Automated determination saves time and internal resources
  • Sovos solution will grow with the business
  • Scalability keeps pace as the business becomes more complex


  • Reporting process now takes one week per month
  • Saves $150,000 monthly
  • Back office support is easier with Sovos support team

The Company

IDEXX provides animal care services and consulting to various organizations. It employed just five people at the time of its inception, but now boasts over 5,500 employees and generates over $1 billion of annual revenue.

The company’s primary verticals include animal diagnostic products for veterinary clinics, management software for vet practices, water microbiology tests, diagnostics and software management systems for livestock, and various research initiatives.

The Challenge

IDEXX’s previous sales and use tax (SUT) provider required some manual configurations, hindering the company’s reporting process. IDEXX also worried about the prospect of veterinary services becoming taxable, projecting an additional 20-30 million transactions each year. The company did not think its provider would be able to handle this sizable increase.

The Solution

IDEXX sought a solution that could support its current compliance needs, but also offer the capability to keep up with its projected growth. The company needed a solution that was designed specifically for the complexities of an expanding organization.

“When we were spending more time managing the software and had less control over the taxability during the purchasing process we wouldn’t have had time to do such an in-depth analysis. Now we’re able to do that in about a day each month.”

The Benefits

The Sovos Sales Tax solution has allowed IDEXX to narrow its reporting process down to one week per month. The process previously had no set duration due to capacity constraints. In addition, IDEXX now saves up to $150,000 on a monthly basis since it no longer has to manage its own sales tax software internally.

The Results

IDEXX’s internal teams have benefited most from the company’s partnership with Sovos. Back office support has become easier due to the Sovos support team’s constant accessibility and capacity to provide backup or assistance. The company only employs a small tax team and wanted to keep it that way. With the implementation of Sovos’ Sales Tax solution, that goal is a reality.

Why Sovos?

IDEXX found that Sovos’ support and comprehensive knowledge of the tax regulatory field made it the right pick. The software implementation went smoothly due to strong collaborative efforts by both teams.