5 Highlights from the 2022 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report

Lizzy Connolly
January 20, 2022

This January, Sovos ShipCompliant released the 2022 Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Wine Shipping Report with our partner, Wines Vines Analytics. The report is the most comprehensive, complete and exclusive collection of data and insights on the state of the industry. Wine shipments to consumers reached a record $4.2 billion in 2021, meaning this is a fantastic time to delve into the DtC wine channel and learn more about the ever-evolving trends.

About the data

The Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report takes shipment data from more than 1,300 U.S. wineries’ shipments to consumers each month, totaling more than 42 million shipments over the course of 2021. As we gather information, each shipment is edited for submission for governmental tax and reporting requirements, and all elements are validated by standardized tables. The verified data is submitted to a proprietary model built on a database of 11,000+ wineries that is updated monthly by Wines Vines Analytics.

Highlights from the 2022 report

The report takes a deep dive into findings from 2021 including by winery region, winery size (production), varietal, destination of shipments and price to produce the most thorough analysis available of the DtC shiping channel. Here are some notable takeaways:

  • 2021 saw the smallest ever year-over-year increase in DtC shipment volume, inching up 1.4% for 8.5 million cases. Considering that this volume growth is off the anomalous 2020 pandemic year, which had seen a record-breaking volume increase.
  • In a return to more normal pricing patterns, 2021 saw the largest growth ever in average price per bottle shipped, with an 11.8% increase to $41.16.
  • The Limited Production Winery Size category (producing up to 999 cases annually)   outperformed larger winery size classes, seeing a 26.8%  increase in average price per bottle shipped.
  • In a reversal of 2020, shipments of wines priced $100+ increased in both volume and value in 2021, while those priced under $30 per bottle dipped in each of those respective categories.
  • Napa wineries saw a strong rebound, accounting for 45.0% of the value of the overall DtC shipping channel in 2021.

What comes next?

Tune in for our free webinar on February 17, where we will dive deeper into the report data and takeaways. Register here for the live discussion.

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Lizzy Connolly

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