Prepared for Spring Unclaimed Property Reporting?

Delaney McDonald
February 9, 2021

Spring unclaimed property reporting deadlines are coming up fast, are you prepared? Spring reporting runs from March through May and varies by state and industry. Most spring reporting states only require reporting for life insurance companies/holders. However, there are other spring reporting states that require reporting on all insurance companies, life and non-life, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Vermont. 

Our interactive unclaimed property laws map provides details on each state’s rules and regulations. Below is a list of spring reporting states and what holder types are required to report. 


Delaware:  Brokerage, corporation, government, mutual fund, petroleum, utility


Arkansas:  Life insurance

Arizona:  Life insurance 

District of Columbia:  All insurance

New Mexico:  Life insurance

Pennsylvania:  Brokerage, corporation, government, financial institutions, all insurance, petroleum, utility

West Virginia:  Life insurance


Georgia:  All insurance

Illinois:  Brokerage, corporation, life insurance, petroleum, utility

Indiana:  Life insurance

Kansas:  Life insurance

Maine:  Life insurance

Missouri:  Life insurance

Montana:  Life insurance

North Carolina:  Life insurance

North Dakota:  Life insurance

Nebraska:  Life insurance

New Hampshire:  All insurance

Ohio:  Life insurance

Virginia:  All insurance

Vermont:  Brokerage, corporation, government, financial institutions, all insurance, mutual fund, petroleum, utility

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Delaney McDonald

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