NAUPA III Format is Underway

Silvia Jin
September 28, 2020

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrator’s (NAUPA) Standard Electronic File Format is a standard set of codes that has been widely used to file unclaimed property reports to states in the US since 1990. The current version, NAUPA II Format, has been used for the past 18 years and is adopted by all 50 states—making electronic reporting more uniform.

However, now  NAUPA III is underway. 

What format will NAUPA III be in?

NAUPA III will probably take XML format. This will enable states to easily add elements and have customized content according to the different state laws and requirements.

Why do I need to use NAUPA III?

Owners and holders will reap the benefits of flexibility from NAUPA III. For example, unclaimed property owners will have a higher probability to claim owed property if the report can include owners’ non-standard addresses or additional identifying information, such as driver’s license information. Multiple deductions will be available on one property according to new IRS and IRA rules.

What is the difference between NAUPA II and NAUPA III?

When the new format is released, you’ll need to learn and adapt to it. And, fortunately, you will have plenty of time. NAUPA III is currently in the programming phase and will have external corrective feedback, NAUPA formal adoption and communication with states before being released.

If Sovos is your unclaimed property software vendor, you will have less of a burden because we will keep up with the changes and make sure your reports meet states’ requirements. If you are not a current Sovos client or if you don’t currently have a software vendor, make sure to pay attention to states’ websites, the NAUPA website and any other resources available online. The more you research, the less likely you are to make mistakes.

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Silvia Jin

Silvia Jin is the Regulatory Specialist of Regulatory Analysis and Design. The core function of her role is to assist in keeping up with changes in unclaimed property regulations, from a national level to the state level. Silvia will also ensure Sovos clients have the best reporting experience possible with a high level of accuracy, validity and timeliness.
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