Lithuania’s VAT Requirements

Lithuania’s SAF-T Standards Framework

Seeking to modernise and digitize its tax systems, the Lithuanian Customs Office of the State Tax Inspectorate announced sweeping changes to its tax system in 2016 with the introduction of the Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF‑T) and the launch of its online portal, eSaskaita.

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SAF-T Standards reforms

Implemented with a phased approach, Lithuania’s SAF‑T mandate became mandatory for all taxpayers in 2020. Whilst there is no periodic SAF‑T reporting, businesses must maintain records for the tax authorities in the event they are requested.

Quick facts on SAF-T Standards

  • E-invoices must be accepted provided its integrity and authenticity can be guaranteed from the point of issuance until the end of the storage period.
  • If an invoice is in electronic form, data ensuring its integrity and authenticity must be stored by electronic means.
  • Suppliers may submit documentation by:
    • Using any certified PEPPOL Access Point with an AS4 Profile
    • Manually keying in the invoice information via an online portal
    • Uploading files in XML format (this requires the economic operator’s accounting system to be suitable for storing e-invoices in this format).
SAF-T Standards
SAF-T Standards
  • Service providers to Lithuanian taxable persons not established in an EU Member State must comply with certain additional requirements regarding the outsourcing of e-invoice issuance.
  • The i.MAS, Lithuania’s “Intelligent Tax Administration System,” comprises three main parts:
    • i.SAF reporting of sales and purchase invoices on a monthly basis
    • i.VAZ reporting of transport/consignment documents
    • i.SAF-T accounting transaction report, which is only required when requested by the tax authority.
  • Full SAF-T files are only submitted upon request of the Lithuanian tax authority.

SAF-T mandate rollout dates

  • 1 Oct 2016 – Requirement to submit data on issued and received VAT invoices began
  • 2016 -2019 – Phased rollout of SAF‑T requirements to Lithuanian businesses dependant on revenue
  • Jan 2020 – All businesses required to comply with SAF‑T mandate
  • 2021 – Management and archiving of documents, including invoices, became a licensed activity and must meet certain requirements for integrity, authenticity, security and management to be certified by the Lithuanian Chief Archivist
SAF-T Standards

Lithuania’s SAF-T Requirements

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