Sovos ShipCompliant and National Association of Wine Retailers Host “The State of Retailer DtC Shipping: Where We Are and What’s Ahead” Webinar

Free webinar will examine current regulatory complexities and future possibilities for retailer DtC shipping

BOSTON, MAY 19, 2021 – Retailer and consumer demand for interstate direct-to-consumer (DtC) wine shipping is growing, but retailers face unique challenges when expanding into this market. Sovos ShipCompliant and National Association of Wine Retailers (NAWR) have teamed up to present The State of Retailer DtC Shipping: Where We Are and What’s Ahead, a free webinar on June 15 at 1 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. PDT that will discuss key topics for retailers actively engaged in or considering entrance into the DtC shipping channel.

While DtC shipping can be complicated from a regulatory and logistical standpoint, many retailers are interested in establishing themselves in the growing market, having seen the success wineries enjoy in the $3.7 billion DtC wine shipping channel.

“Currently, DtC shipping is limited by the various and complex compliance requirements imposed by each state, including many that outright prohibit it for out-of-state retailers” said Alex Koral, senior regulatory counsel, Sovos ShipCompliant. “This situation is exacerbated by a number of popular myths out there that lead to misconceptions on how retailers can engage in DtC shipping. As such, it’s important for retailers entering or looking to grow in the DtC shipping channel to know what their options are so they can enjoy the rewards of establishing an active DtC market.”

The State of Retailer DtC Shipping: Where We Are and What’s Ahead will cover:

“With ongoing political and legal battles over direct-to-consumer wine shipping, there is no doubt that this is a contentious area of the law,” said Tom Wark, executive director, NAWR. “For example, the courts view retailers’ entrance into the DtC channel as competitive, putting retailers at a disadvantage. Most of these arguments are misguided or false. And as the chorus of experts and public opinion begins to sway law, the space is shifting. As a result, the DtC channel will become increasingly crowded as we work to expand the shipping map, making it an important area for interested retailers to watch.”

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