Headache or opportunity?


With SAP’s announcement to migrate their customers to the new platform, finance and IT departments are both faced with a migration project of epic proportions including multiple legacy and disparate systems. Some will see this as a major headache and budget drain, some as an opportunity to consolidate and be forward thinking. Viewed with the right mindset, it can propel you as a strategic leader for the business.

Only a handful will have identified and understood the wider implications. But more should.

The other digital transformation

Governments are making tax digital

Ten years ago Latin America was a cash economy. Fast forward a decade and it’s leading the world when it comes to governments closing their revenue gaps and digitising tax to the point where businesses must declare tax digitally and in real-time at the point of invoice.

Europe is joining that journey too with Spain, Hungary and Italy all now on their digital tax journey and Greece will be joining the party in January 2020.

With rumblings in Asia, move forward another ten years and it’s possible most of the governments in the world will be operating a digital tax system.

White paper

Trends in E-invoicing Compliance, 10th Edition

If you’re still uncertain how to turn this to your advantage and need to understand the impact on your team and in line with wider business strategies, we can help. Download our 100 page guide on everything you need to know about the changing digital tax landscape.

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Kevin Permenter, Research Manager, IDC