Sweden: lower VAT rate to be applied to electronic publications

Jeff Gambold
June 26, 2019

With effect from 1st July 2019, e-books and electronically provided magazines and journals will become subject to the lower rate of 6% VAT (the standard rate of 25% previously applied) in Sweden. This change will result in equal treatment of electronic publications and their physical equivalents under Swedish VAT law. This falls into line with similar rate reductions being applied to such products across other EU member states. 

For more information please see a copy (in Swedish) of the amending law available at the Riksdag’s website.

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Jeff Gambold

Jeff Gambold is a Senior Regulatory Specialist at Sovos, with responsibility for ensuring that the SVR product is kept updated and compliant with the latest VAT legislative changes. Prior to joining Sovos, Jeff worked in various VAT advisory and management roles within HMRC, UK Top 15 accounting practices and commercial business.
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