Denmark: Detailed requirements for digital accounting systems have been published

Enis Gencer
October 3, 2022

The Danish Business Authority, Erhvervsstyrelsen, has prepared drafts for three executive orders concerning the new digital bookkeeping requirements. The below draft orders lay down the detailed requirements for digital accounting systems and rules for registration of these systems:

  • Draft executive order on notification, registration, publication, etc. of digital standard bookkeeping systems
  • Draft executive order on requirements for digital standard bookkeeping systems that must be registered with the Danish Business Authority in accordance with the Bookkeeping Act
  • Draft executive order on the entry into force of parts of Act No. 700 of 24 May 2022 on bookkeeping

According to the draft regulations, digital accounting systems are required to support the automatic sending and receiving of e-invoices in OIOUBL and PEPPOL BIS format. Moreover, these systems must be able to share the company’s accounting data by generating a standard file, which is the Danish SAF-T Standard that was recently published by Erhvervsstyrelsen.

The draft regulations will be available for public consultation until 27 October. Subsequently, the requirements are expected to enter into force on 1 January 2023. There will be a conversion period until 1 October 2023 for digital accounting systems to comply with the requirements.

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Enis Gencer

Enis Gencer is Regulatory Counsel at Sovos and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. With experience in compliance and legal consultancy he currently undertakes the legal monitoring and analysis of the regulations regarding electronic documents. Enis graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law.
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