Montana Releases 2022 Employer Withholding Guide

Alec Webb
December 27, 2022

The Montana Department of Revenue has released their 2022 Employer Withholding Guide.

As of Tax Year 2023, Montana will not mail paper MW-1 Withholding Tax Vouchers. Copies of the forms must be downloaded online.

Significantly, Montana has added Form 1042-S forms that must be reported to Montana with Form MW-3. The reporting due date is January 31st. The withholding threshold for requirement reporting of the 1042-S is $600.

Finally, Montana has added a withholding requirement for “Media Loan Out Company Employee Compensation”. Production companies approved to claim Media Credit must pay loan-out withholding for compensation paid to a loan-out company for independent contractor production services.

You can access the 2022 Montana Employer Withholding Guide here.

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Alec Webb

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