IRS Releases 2022 1099-B

Jesse Rooney
March 22, 2022

The IRS has released its 2022 version of Form 1099-B.  The form in question reports proceeds from broker and barter exchange transactions.

Of note, the 1099-B has not been converted to a continual use form; the form remains specific to the year.

The revised 2022 form makes changes to various year references.

The instructions included with the form for recipients and payers have minor modifications.  The “2022 Instructions for Form 1099-B,” changes a number of year references in line with the advancing year. There are no changed to filing instructions.

To review the 2022 Form 1099-B, please follow this link.

To review the 2022 Instructions for Form 1099-B, please follow this link.

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Jesse Rooney

Jesse Rooney is regulatory counsel for Sovos. His research focuses on tax information reporting. He is a member of the Massachusetts bar.
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