Indiana Releases New W-2 and WH-3 Electronic Filing Requirements

Alec Webb
December 14, 2022

Indiana has published updated W2 and WH3 electronic filing requirements. There have been no changes to W2 filing specifications

Indiana has made some additions to W2 and WH3 electronic filing requirements. An extension request to file for WH3 must be made by Jan 31 by submitting Form 8809. All extension requests must be made through the INTIME portal.

Further, Indiana does not follow EFW2C format for WH3 bulk upload corrections. To submit corrected WH3 bulk file, there is no return indicator in the schema. Provide new or corrected data for WH3 by submitting a new file with a new name. Payer TIN information corrections needs to be manually changed with customer service through INTIME messaging.

For Multiple County Reporting, report all under one county on WH3. Corrections to each WH1 are not necessary. If W2 has not been issued to employee, correct the W2. If W2 has already been issued to employee, W-2 correction may be issued but not required.

To view Indiana 2022 W2 and WH3 electronic filings requirements, please click here.

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Alec Webb

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