Guide to Wisconsin Wage Statements and Information Returns Updated, 1099 Due Dates Advanced

Jesse Rooney
November 2, 2017

Wisconsin has released its revised Guide to Wage Statements and Information Returns, Publication 117.  

All information return statements will now be due by January 31.  These statements were previously due February 28, and the advancement of the due date is in line with the due dates for W-2 returns.  The change in due dates affects 1099-Rs, 1099-Miscs, and W-2Gs filed with the state.  It also affects the state’s 9b annual reconciliation form which can be filed with the state in lieu of 1099s. 

In addition the to the due date change, the state also lowered the threshold for required electronic filing of W-2s and information returns.  Those filing 10 or more forms with the state are now required to file electronically.  The previous threshold was 50 or more.

Furthermore, the Department is also limiting the time for extensions.  Extensions will now be issued for 30 days for late filing of W-2s and information returns; the Department previously issued 60 day extensions for filing.

To review the updated Guide, please follow this link.

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Jesse Rooney

Jesse Rooney is regulatory counsel for Sovos. His research focuses on tax information reporting. He is a member of the Massachusetts bar.
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