Colorado Releases Wage Withholding Tax Guide for Tax Year 2022

Alec Webb
January 13, 2023

The State of Colorado has released its Wage Withholding Tax Guide as of December 2022. The publication contains guidance for state wage withholdings and W-2 reporting to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

There are minor changes to the 2022 Wage Withholding Guide including minor grammatical fixes, an update to the publication year and interest rate changes for calendar year 2023.

Notably, the W-2 electronic filing threshold has been raised to match the IRS W-2 Electronic filing threshold of 250 or more W-2 submissions. Colorado Department of Revenue has canceled a previous plan to lower the electronic filing threshold for W-2s to more than 10 or more W-2 filings.

To view the Colorado Wage Withholding Guide, please click here.

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Alec Webb

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