Arkansas Releases 2021 Withholding Tax Employer’s Instructions

Robert Beck
February 18, 2021

Arkansas recently released its 2021 Withholding Tax Employer’s Instructions, the booklet of information for Employers covering the general range of topics for employers withholding from wages and non-wage compensation. Most of the changes for tax year 2021 are formatting and grammatical in nature, but there are some changes that may affect employers. These changes are detailed below:
• Filing of paper forms W-2 and ARW3, forms 1099 and 1096, and electronic filing of forms W-2 and 1099 have all been moved from February 28, 2022 to January 31, 2022
• The deduction from supplemental wages for Arkansas has been reduced from 6.9% to 5.9% for the 2021 tax year
To view the complete instruction booklet, click here. 

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Robert Beck

Robert Beck is a Junior Regulatory Counsel at Sovos Compliance. As part of the Regulatory Analysis team, his main areas of focus are state and federal tax withholding, and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Robert is a member of the Massachusetts Bar and received his J.D. from New England Law | Boston and his B.A. in Justice from University of Alaska Fairbanks.
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