Missouri Show Me Green Sales Tax Holiday Now Includes All Locals

Radhika Akhil
March 10, 2023

Missouri holds its annual sales tax holiday on Energy Star certified appliances (Show Me Green) from April 19 to April 25. Starting in 2023, all local sales and use taxes are exempted during this time, where previously locals had to choose to opt into this holiday. For more information, please reference RSMo Section 144.526 as well as the Show Me Green website here: Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday.

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Radhika Akhil

Radhika Akhil is Regulatory Counsel in the Sovos Regulatory Analysis and Design Department. Radhika focuses on U.S. sales tax law and Canada transaction taxes and fees. Radhika obtained two B.A. degrees from Boston University and a J.D. from Suffolk University. She is a member of the Massachusetts Bar and the New York Bar.
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