Enrollment Period in MTC VDA Program is Now Open

Charles Maniace
August 23, 2017

For those not yet in the know, the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) has coordinated an unprecedented voluntary disclosure/amnesty program with 24 states. Eligible sellers should give serious consideration to enrolling. More importantly they should take immediate note of the short window of opportunity. The program began on August 17 and will be closing on October 17, and there is no expectation that a similar program will be offered in the future.

The program creates a unique opportunity for online sellers that have sales and income/franchise tax nexus in a participating states based on their use of marketplace providers/facilitators but are not currently collecting and remitting tax. While the rules vary by state, many jurisdictions are offering an effective “clean slate” meaning that sellers accepted into the program are absolved of any past liability so long as they register and agree to collect/remit going forward. Further, the MTC has worked to devise a uniform online application and has agreed to act as an intermediary between sellers and the states so as to preserve seller anonymity until the state agrees to provide the amnesty.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, additional information can be found on the Multistate Tax Commission and Taxify websites!

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Charles Maniace

Chuck is Vice President –Regulatory Analysis & Design at Sovos, a global provider of software that safeguards businesses from the burden and risk of modern tax. An attorney by trade, he leads a team of attorneys and tax professionals that provide the tax and regulatory content that keeps Sovos customers continually compliant. Over his 20-year career in tax and regulatory automation, he has provided analysis to the Wall Street Journal, NBC, Bloomberg and more. Chuck has also been named to the Accounting Today list of Top 100 Most Influential People four times.
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