Ohio Updates W2 Specs for 2018 Reporting

The Ohio Department of Taxation has published W-2 Magnetic Media specifications for TY2018 reporting. The following record changes have been made:

  • A new box 12 Code GG money field, Income from Qualified Equity Grant Under Section 83, has been added to the:
    • RO (Employee Optional) Record in positions 122-132
    • RU (Total Optional) Record in positions 160-174
  • A new box 12 Code HH money field, Aggregate Deferrals Under Section 83 Elections as of the Close of the Calendar Year, has been added to the:
    • RO (Employee Optional) Record in positions 133-143
    • RU (Total Optional) Record in positions 175-189

In addition to the above record changes, the following changes have been made:

  • The Social Security Wage Base for TY2018 is $128,400
  • The employer and employee tax rate for Social Security will be withheld at 6.2% up to $7,960.80
  • The 2018 Social Security and Medicare coverage threshold for Household wages is $2,100

The “Filing Reminders” section has been expanded, with more information provided for clarity.

To review the specifications in full, please follow the link.


Nicolette Chasse

Nicolette Chasse is a Junior Regulatory Counsel at Sovos Compliance. Her main areas of focus are Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) reporting under FATCA and CRS and 1099 Federal Withholding Reporting. Nicolette received her B.A. at Trinity College and her J.D. at Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law. She is a member of the Massachusetts Bar.
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