Kentucky Updates Withholding Information and Introduces New Form K-5

Kentucky has several updates relative to withholding, including Form 42A808, Authorization to Submit Employees Annual W-2 Information in EFW2 Format via Kentucky Department of Revenue Web Site; Form K-5, Employers Report of Withholding Tax Statement; and Form K-5 Instructions.

There are slight changes to Form 42A808:

  • This form can now be used to update contact information.
  • A PIN is no longer required to submit Form K-5.

Form K-5 is an online form, which is new this year. Kentucky has also published instructions for this form.

Employers and payers who issue Kentucky withholding statements W-2, W-2G, or 1099 must report the statements to the DOR in an electronic file or file Form K-5. Those who issue 26 or more Kentucky withholding statements are required to submit an electronic file or file Form K-5 online.

The completed Form K-5 may be submitted online or printed and mailed to the DOR. The option to print and mail is only available for those reporting fewer than 26 withholding statements.

Please see the link above for further instructions for filing the K-5.