Sales Director, Peru & Colombia

Jean Pierre Barrios

Jean Pierre Barrios

As Sales Director, Peru & Colombia, a position he assumed in January 2019, Jean Pierre Barrios is responsible for the northern sub-region of SSA. To successfully meet this challenge, it places special emphasis on preparing its sales team, providing tools that strengthen its different skills and, through teamwork, achieve local and sub-regional goals.

One of his passions is to look for mechanisms to ensure that an interdisciplinary team, regionally and culturally diverse, such as that of Sovos, is aligned under a single vision to add value to customers.

With over 12 years of executive leadership in business management at technology products and services companies and a computer engineer by training, Jean Pierre briefly served as a software developer and infrastructure specialist from the beginning, until he discovered his interest in business management. . Before coming to Sovos, he worked at Seidor, Oracle and IBM, and learned about almost all possible layers that make up a technological solution, an experience he passed on to his team at Sovos.

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