Accurate, efficient determination simplifies complex and ever-changing VAT and sales and use tax compliance

Fueling business growth in a world of multifaceted value-added tax (VAT) and sales and use tax requirements, Sovos offers accurate, efficient global tax determinations.

Just as technology has changed the way businesses grow, it has also enabled tax authorities worldwide to monitor sales tax and VAT collections more closely than ever before. Accurate tax determination is a critical compliance process for businesses, but frequent rate changes and a complex web of overlapping requirements contribute to greater tax determination confusion – and risk. In this new era of technology-driven compliance, aging sales and use tax solutions, homegrown systems, outdated rate files and web-based software solutions simply cannot support growing businesses.

Did you know Sovos Global Tax Determination was first to be certified by the Colorado Department of Revenue?

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Tax authorities at the national, state and local levels are introducing their own rules and requirements to collect the appropriate sales tax in light of emerging, highly digital business models like the sharing-economy and eCommerce. Brick-and-mortar retailers entering into the surging eCommerce space are just one example of how AR and AP processes can quickly become more complex. To manage compliance across thousands of constantly changing taxing jurisdictions, companies leveraging a patchwork of new internal systems will consequently experience more frustrations, inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

Similarly, the pace of regulatory change in today’s digital VAT environments will cause businesses relying on manual processes to struggle with time-intensive inefficiencies and audit-triggering errors. VAT countries are standardizing the collection of massive amounts of transactional-data via digital processes in order to enhance governments’ ability to identify errors. As an increasing number of global tax authorities aim to speed up validation processes with more visibility into business transactions, consistently accurate VAT calculations is crucial for compliance.

By combining VAT and sales and use tax determination support from a single solution, Sovos safeguards businesses from error-triggered audits, while keeping their systems up to speed with constantly changing determination rules. Backed by the Intelligent Compliance Cloud, Sovos offers the world’s first complete tax determination solution to support thriving businesses impacted by complex VAT and sales and use tax requirements.


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Take control of the entire tax determination process to eliminate the inefficiencies and risks facing medium, large and global enterprises.

Accurate, Up-to-Date Tax Calculations for Any Scenario

Pull from over 5,900 unique product codes and industry-specific content for manufacturing, retail, car rental, leasing, energy, software, foodservice and many more


Easily manage compliance for the most complex states or country-specific regulations, product types and scenarios, including variables like caps and thresholds


Rely on our expert team of more than 50 tax experts, who analyze over 15,000 global jurisdictions and 185+ countries to ensure your business is always in compliance

Automated Processing and Real-Time Updates

Automate Calculations and Eliminate Errors

Calculate VAT and use taxes in real time, on-demand within existing IT systems


Automate processes to minimize risk and efficiently validate tax treatment on invoices for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end consumers


Obtain greater transaction accuracy for every step of manufacturing and sale, including P-cards, drop shipments, use tax and promotional use of inventory

Leverage Existing Systems to Reduce IT Burdens

Maximize resources by standardizing processes within existing enterprise and e-commerce systems of record, including the most widely used enterprise resource planning (ERP) and point-of-sale (POS) systems


Stay ahead of regulatory challenges to come with automatic updates that eliminate the need for additional bolt-on solutions


Take control of data, reconciliations and reporting by centralizing global data that is easily accessible to tax and finance teams

Scale and Grow Business with Confidence

Stay compliant in thousands of jurisdictions around the world by accurately determining taxes within all transaction processing systems for accounts receivable, accounts payable, POS, purchasing, web store and more


Easily scale business lines, systems and needed support in more jurisdictions as business grows and needs evolve


Defend against real-time audits in VAT environments with transactional data readily available to satisfy audit requests

The Sovos Difference

“Sovos is the only provider with the depth and breadth of solutions to give me the unique capabilities I need for my growing organization. They are easy to work with, well established in the market with proven solutions and provide the support and flexibility I need to rapidly adapt as we rapidly grow and change.”

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