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The cost of compliance for tax information reporting has never been higher.

Constant form changes, exponential penalty increases, and manual processes are forcing organizations to invest more time and money into reporting than ever before.

How much time and money are you spending?

Here is what Sovos’ Tax Information Reporting Solution can do for you:

Save Time

► Accelerated Data Upload
Turns weeks of work into hours with data upload speeds of up to 120,000 records per minute.

► Easy Data Access
Make yesteryear’s reprints and corrections a breeze with up to 10 years of your prior tax information at your fingertips.

► Painless Printing & Mail
Print and mail forms with a click of a button while taking advantage of our negotiated print rates, National Change of Address check, and increased security with TIN masking.

► Highly Configurable Interface
We designed our tax information reporting solution specifically around your experience. This means we make sure we can work with the files and formats you use, not the other way around.

► Individualized onboarding
Along with a 100% success rate, our onboarding process is carefully structured to ensure you and your team are fully trained and prepared to get the most out of the solution.

"I’m about automation and efficiency. Sovos saves a ton of time on printing, sending and mailing forms in reporting season.”

Michelle Voskuil, CFO, Cities and Villages Mutual Insurance Company

Here are a few organizations currently using Sovos’ Tax Information Reporting Solution

Minimize Cost

► Real-Time TIN Checks
Real-Time TIN Verification makes it possible to proactively validate your information before needlessly wasting time on rework. Eliminate the cost of B & P notices and hours spent sending solicitations by matching TINs beforehand in real time.

► Effortless E-Statements
Do away with the environmental and monetary costs of printing and mailing and give customers/vendors direct access to their statements with seamless integration directly to your customer/vendor portals.

"I believe being with Sovos has allowed my department to take on additional business without adding employees.”

Shannon Morris, Senior Tax Analyst at Nationwide Financial

Find out how Nationwide decreased it’s B notices by 30% in the first year using Sovos here: Success Story

Ensure Compliance

► Simplified Federal & State Reporting
Rest easy knowing your forms and filings are always accurate with a solution that automatically adapts to state and federal changes as they occur.

► Straightforward Withholding
Effortlessly track your remittances, manage the withholding process with ease, and never have to manually track payments or match general ledger data line-by-line against transaction-level data or tax detail forms again.

► Universal Form Support
Quickly and easily file every required form including 1042-S, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, W-2, W-4P, W-9, Direct-to-State, Puerto Rico, Canada and Quebec form types.

"I haven’t had any problems since I started using Sovos 1099 reporting, no errors at all. It’s hard to say how many errors could have occurred without it.”

Janet Parisi, Director of Financial Operations, BrandsMart USA

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