Magento Sales Tax Extension

Sovos for Magento

Magento sellers get in-cart sales tax calculation


› Perform real-time sales tax calculations for more than 9,000 product codes.

› Automate tax collection with our cloud platform’s rooftop-level accurate rates.

› Stay confident in your compliance knowing you are backed by 50+ Sovos tax experts analyzing over 15,000 global jurisdictions.

Magento sellers get sales tax return filings


› Save time and eliminate risk as our AutoFile team submits accurate and on-time filings in all jurisdictions.

› Reduce errors and audit flags through our direct Magento transaction import function and eliminate the need to manually upload .CSV files.


Sovos for Magento Installation Guide

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Sovos for Magento Functional Guide

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Sovos for Magento Version 8.5.1 Release Notes

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Sovos for Magento supports Magento 2 and above. Still on Magento 1?​ 

Learn about Magento 1

“We’re excited to partner with Magento and to bring intelligent compliance to their new Magento 2 Platform. It’s the perfect time to help their customers improve the accuracy of their sales tax reporting – and set those businesses up to stay ahead of the regulatory environment as they grow.”


Fritz McCormick, GM, Enterprise Sales Tax at Sovos

A Comprehensive Solution in One Extension

Sovos offers scalable and adaptive tax compliance and business-to-government reporting solutions for businesses of all sizes. All of our solutions are backed by 35 years of compliance leadership and flexible product taxability. Our rates are accurate down to the rooftop level, bolstered by our extensive team of tax experts.

Tax Solutions for eCommerce Businesses

Taxify by Sovos processes your transactional data and completes tax returns for every jurisdictional body in the United States. We submit the payment to each jurisdictional body on your behalf, letting you keep any early filing discounts in the process.

Tax Solutions Enterprise-Level Businesses

Sovos Global Tax Determination provides tax determination and filing solutions. We process complex transactions, manage exemptions and filing with enterprise reporting and analytics for advanced audit defense.

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