Vice President, Regulatory Education and Consulting Services

Seth Kernodle

As vice president of regulatory education and consulting services, Seth Kernodle provides clients with the information and education needed to stay on top of regulatory change, ensuring more successful business outcomes.  A firm believer in the adage that knowledge is power, Seth makes it his mission to translate our collective expertise into best-in-class products to improve the lives of our customers.

Since joining Sovos, Seth has used his significant industry experience in financial services and education to better support and guide our clients through an increasingly complex regulatory world.

Seth’s business philosophy is to set clear priorities for his teams that always keep the client first. He appreciates the value and importance of leading by example and supporting the professional growth of his team members.

When not plugged in you may find him on his boat in coastal NC, working under the hood on an old Jeep or playing the guitar. Seth is often described by his colleagues as having an easy-going style and an unmistakable southern accent.

For more, see Seth’s LinkedIn profile.