Vice President, Product Development

Martin Aparicio

As vice president of product development for Sovos, Martin helps lead the way for the next wave of innovative products and solutions. He is passionate about software development and is an advocate for the DevOps culture. Approaching his role with a continuous improvement mindset, he believes that creativity is only bound by one’s imagination.

Martin has more than 20 years of product development and technology experience. Prior to joining Sovos, he co-founded TrustWeaver, a provider of cloud-based compliance services designed for electronic invoicing that was acquired by Sovos in 2018. As chief information officer at TrustWeaver Martin was responsible for the engineering, technical operation, 24/7, integration, support and internal IT teams.

A hands-on leader, he enjoys mentoring those who are early on in their careers. His best advice is to have conviction and a strong belief in what you are doing and set goals that are achievable and measurable, and you will find success.

When not in the office, Martin is most likely spending time with his family. He holds a Master of Science degree in computer science from Uppsala University in Sweden.

For more, see Martin’s LinkedIn profile.