Vice President, Product Market, Small to Mid-Sized Business

Mark Christenson

As vice president of product marketing for small to mid-sized business (SMB), Mark leads an initiative aimed at better understanding and servicing this unique buyer. His team is charged with designing solutions, setting pricing and developing go to market strategies that help emerging businesses ensure tax compliance from the beginning.

With a passion for understanding customer needs through quantitative and qualitative data, Mark is a firm believer in the concept of NIHITO (nothing interesting happens in the office). Data is critical but will only get you so far. Honest conversations with customers and prospects are the secret sauce that form the foundation of any effective relationship.

Mark is a collaborative problem solver who aligns his teams and strategies around the needs of the customer. This enables his group to bring to market the most effective software solutions possible. His passion for simplifying the complicated has served him well in building and sustaining relationships with the modern SMB buyer.

Outside of work Mark is a father to three daughters, keeping him both busy and humble. Mark is also an avid outdoorsman, hiker, skier and musician. He holds a degree in business management from Hamline University and is a frequent industry speaker with a number of certifications from Customer Centric Sales, Pragmatic Marketing and Forrester Decisions.

For more information, see Mark’s LinkedIn profile.