Solution Principal

Kristine Butterbaugh

Kristine Butterbaugh

In her role as solution principal, Kristine Butterbaugh believes that embracing change in a continuously fluid regulatory environment helps drive organizational success. A mantra she often shares with her teams is that progress doesn’t take place in comfort zones.

Since joining Sovos, Kristine has been heavily involved in the integration of multiple acquisitions, focusing on customer success and future go to market strategy for the organization.

Her business philosophy is work hard and dream big. Success is rarely an accident. She believes that our customers are counting on us to embody our core values and consistently deliver solutions that make a difference.

When not in the office or online with one of Sovos’ global offices, it’s likely you will find Kristine spending time with her boys or outdoors exploring. Kristine is a life-long learner. She takes advantage of the opportunity to travel whenever possible and sees travel one of the most expansive opportunities for education.

For more, see Kristine’s LinkedIn profile.