Director, Product Management, Sovos

Billy Kazantzis

Billy Kazantzis

As director of product management for Latin America, Billy Kazantzis believes in the power of a great team and that the right person, at the right time, can make all the difference. His business philosophy is rooted in taking ownership of a situation and in being honest and transparent, no matter what.

Since joining Sovos, Billy has helped expand the company’s portfolio of products and services across multiple acquisitions, integrations and market roll outs. A believer in the power of listening, Billy surrounds himself with experts whenever possible. He credits this for the wealth of knowledge and experience he has accumulated over the years.

When not at work, Billy is most likely spending time with his wife and two boys at the soccer fields or watching soccer. He’s a big Liverpool fan and enjoys Formula 1 racing.
Having grown up travelling the world, Billy has witnessed firsthand the value of trying new approaches to achieve desired outcomes. Whether it’s a developer instituting a brilliant line of code or a chef with a secret ingredient, he finds being open to new perspectives important.

For more, see Billy’s LinkedIn profile.