President & CEO

Andy Hovancik

As president and CEO, Andy Hovancik champions Sovos’ mission of solving tax for good to build towards a world where businesses are able to focus on growth and communities can thrive. Helping to solve the increasing complexity of government regulation while working with companies to prioritize tax as part of their digital core is what continues to drive him.

Under his leadership, Sovos has grown to more than 8,000 customers conducting business in 70+ countries. The company currently employs over 1,600 employees supporting compliance initiatives around the world. Andy has led the way in the strategic acquisition and integration of more than a dozen companies for the sole purpose of making Sovos the most complete, continuous and connected global solution for modern tax.

Andy appreciates the importance of life-long learning and the power of adaptability.  He prioritizes trust and accountability. Saying what you’ll do, and then doing what you say, is a motto he has lived by and one he encourages all employees to adopt. 

When not in the office, Andy is most likely working in his garden or spending time with his family.

For more, see Andy’s LinkedIn profile.