Vice President, Consulting and Compliance Services

Andrew Hocking

As vice president of consulting and compliance services for Europe, Andrew Hocking ensures the professional and accurate delivery of service between Sovos and our clients. He believes that our customer experience should be at the heart of everything we do and is passionate about meeting our client’s current needs while helping them prepare for the future.  

Andrew led the transformation of Sovos’ consulting and compliance services as an integrated technology function across multiple tax lines and launched Sovos’ European customer success function, ensuring that all clients have multiple contacts dedicated to their experience and satisfaction.

Collaboration and building meaningful relationships are important to Andrew. He believes that problems are best solved together, and that the most effective collaboration is built on trust.

When not in the office, Andrew enjoys exploring different parts of Europe with his family, trying new recipes and wine. Finding time to squeeze in some cricket, rugby or golf are also high on his priority list.

For more, see Andrew’s LinkedIn page.